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What is Vita Hair?

Laser Hair Regrowth Brush uses micro vibration, radiofrequency therapy, photon therapy, laser therapy, and electromagnetic stimulation therapy. These processes combined promote blood circulation and metabolism, and stimulates hair follicles which promotes hair growth and reverses hair loss. This device is suitable for those losing hair due to aging, hormones, or immune disorders.



Laser Therapy Brush to Promote Natural Hair Growth




image-20201117-065034__1_.png FDA-cleared hair loss treatment treats alopecia, receding hairline, and balding and thinning hair.


image-20201117-065106__1_.png Proven effective by clinical research! A recent study of laser-based hair treatments showed the average user enjoyed a 39% increase in hair growth!


image-20201117-065152__1_.png Non-invasive, painless, and with no side effects! No drugs or surgery required!


image-20201117-065311__1_.png Affordable and effective handheld device! Easy to use at home!

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