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What makes Vita Hair so unique?

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in scientific research, Vita Hair uses infrared low-level laser beams to rejuvenate and restore the growth of new hair. The low-level laser therapy harnesses light from laser diodes to penetrate the scalp and invigorate the cells - without causing any irritation or side effects. This in turn not only delivers nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, but it also stimulates cell metabolism and reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which plays a major role in hair loss. 


Technological Breakthrough

Infrared energy stimulates the root of your hair follicles to regenerate your hair. This nourishes the roots of the hair and causes the follicles of your hair to grow thicker. It also helps to improve blood circulation with Bio-Stimulating Vibration Technology. Studies show that the combined action of infrared energy and bio-wave functionality significantly increases hair strength, improves hair quality and stops hair loss.

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